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Secure Cam expands into India with Rs200 crore project

The $1.5billion Secure Our City project offering free surveillance camera systems in 150 countries to kickstart in India this June

Mumbai, March 20, 2019: Secure Cam IT Solutions, a United Arab Emirates-based security surveillance and IT solutions provider, is expanding into India as part of the launch of its global campaign.

The company has earmarked about Rs200 crore for the implementation of ‘Secure Our City’ in India. As part of the $1.5 billion worldwide campaign that was announced last October, Secure Cam has promised to install about 10,000 cameras for free in one city across 150 countries by 2025.

The IT service provider has registered in India as Secure Cam India with offices in Bengaluru and Kochi.

"We are expanding into India as the country offers a fast-growing market for us within the IT sector. The surveillance camera industry in itself is expected to experience a double-digit growth of about 15 to 20 percent in the next three years and we want to ensure that we are at the forefront of the growth story," says Chairman and CEO Rijoy Thomas.

Secure Cam, which has been a leading integrator of IT solutions and security systems, has been working with major corporates in the UAE and across the GCC.

The company will soon introduce its own branded products, which it feels, will help the company strengthen its position in new markets including India.

"We are looking at a market with growth potential in excess of Rs20,000 crore in India alone. By the end of 2019, we aim to establish our strong presence across various states in the country," he says.

Last October, the company announced a major global campaign to equip more than 1.5 million buildings worldwide with security camera solutions. At the event, held at the prestigious Armani Hotel in the world's tallest building - Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it was announced that the first phase of the campaign will be rolled out across 13 countries, starting with India.

"We are now fully prepared to kickstart the India programme," says Emil Jose, the COO of Secure Cam.

Secure Our City will be launched in India across five cities in a phased manner. "The name of the first city will be unveiled in June. Anybody who is interested to participate in the registration can do so by visiting The city with the largest number of registrations will be given preference," explains Emil.

The campaign aims to demonstrate that the world can be a secure place with the deployment of the latest tech solutions and that a secure environment will naturally fuel economic development.

"One of the hurdles for economic growth within an urban area is its crime scene. That’s where the United Arab Emirates has shown a way, where the law enforcement agencies, powered by technology, have created wonders in maintaining law and order. The UAE example was one of the inspirations for us to launch this campaign," says Ahmed Sarour Al Marar, a UAE national and partner, and MD of Secure Cam IT Solutions.

A minimum of 10,000 CCTV units will be given for free in each of the five cities as part of the campaign in India. The unit includes an 8-channel HD IP camera system with 30-days recording capacity. Secure Cam is also offering installation, two-year warranty and one-year service for free as part of the campaign. The recording capacity of the hard disk will be based on market standards in different countries. "Our aim is to secure a city in every country as a starting point to prove that it is possible to leverage the available technology to bring peace of mind to residents,” says Rijoy.

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